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Are you looking for ways to protect your property and assets? At Barth Calderon LLP, we understand that these investments are important to you and your future. Our team of dedicated attorneys stands ready to provide you with outstanding legal representation for your business, commercial, or individual needs. Our primary goal is to develop an efficient approach for your specific case that will help tackle whatever legal concerns you are facing. Whether you are in need of a solid estate plan or you are seeking guidance in drafting a contract, we encourage you to contact our firm.

With 120 years of combined legal experience between our exceptional attorneys, you can be assured that your needs will be more than adequately met. The team at Barth Calderon LLP is prepared to help you address both your long- and short-term goals. Our firm is unique in that we use a financial-planning approach to each client's particular case and guide our clients through implementing a reliable plan of action. If you are searching for a trusted asset protection attorney, look no further! Barth Calderon LLP proudly provides legal services in the following areas:

Asset Protection
There are many different reasons that families, businesses, and individuals can lose their savings and property, including lawsuits. You will want to protect your assets by allowing our firm to represent you. We can ensure that each financial element of your life and / or business has been organized and protected.

Business Asset Protection
Your business' assets will need to be carefully structured to avoid being negatively affected by unexpected situations. We have substantial experience with advising franchisees and business owners, CEOs and other key executives through all elements of asset protection.

Business Litigation
Business litigation can result in substantial loss to your company. Our attorneys offer business and commercial litigation. Whatever the dispute or controversy involves, we can develop a cost-efficient solution. Our experience extends to the handling of a wide range of litigation needs for businesses of all types.

Business Planning
Substantial planning is required for the development of your business to ensure its longevity. We offer advice on the growth and transactions of your business or corporate structure. If you need advice for the selection of your business entity or help drafting a contract, our firm can provide you with the assistance you need.

Business Succession & Exit Planning
As you begin to consider retirement, it is important to ensure that your business operations are in order after you are no longer able to manage them. We can help you arrange a succession and exit plan. Our firm can work with you to discuss what your best option might be to meet your needs and ensure the long-term success of your business.

Business Transactions
Development and upkeep of a business requires many transactions to take place in order to ensure protection of the company. Business planning requires the successful completion of a variety of transactions structured to enhance the company's growth and structure. Our firm can help you review your concerns and finalize transactions as efficiently as possible.

Charitable Law and Tax Planning
Your company may require assistance with nonprofit and charitable organizations law. Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a company making a donation to a charity, we can help you understand charitable laws and how they may affect tax planning. Our firm can discuss the laws regarding this issue to ensure your company's protection.

Commercial Law
We can use our experience in commercial law to help clients with the development of their businesses. Commercial law governs the transactions that take place between multiple business entities. In order to ensure your business is successful in a dynamic market, we encourage you to contact our team to address commercial law concerns.

Contracts are official and legally binding agreements that are voluntarily entered into by two or more parties. Each party signs with the intention to uphold his or her end of the contract. Our firm can oversee the signing of contracts to ensure that all aspects of the arrangement are properly addressed.

Corporate & Limited Liability Company Law
If you are part of a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), you must learn the associated laws that can affect your operations. An LLC is a type of business structure that combines aspects of a partnership or sole proprietorship with a corporation. If you have concerns regarding your LLC or eligibility, our firm can help.

Estate Planning
The primary goal of estate planning to help protect your assets and investments from the probate process. Developing an effective plan can help ensure that your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance as well as to protect your property or business. It is never too early to start planning for the unexpected. Our team stands ready to offer trusted estate planning guidance.

Franchise Law
An area of business law that can often cause substantial controversy is franchise law. If your company is facing difficulty with distribution, trademarking or licensing matters, our team can help you find a solution aimed at resolving discord and protecting your assets.

Individual Asset Protection
Individual asset protection involves the protection of an individual's property and assets. As you prepare for the future, our firm can help ensure that your property and / or investments are safeguarded so that you can achieve your long-term goals and insulate your assets from lawsuits, creditors, and in case of divorce.

Individual & Corporate Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy involves the legal process of removing and / or restructuring debts incurred by an individual or corporation. In either case, we can help you obtain financial freedom through the specific chapter of bankruptcy that can provide you or your business with the best debt relief resolution. We can help determine if bankruptcy can be beneficial to you.

Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual property is anything that you have developed, patented, trademarked or copyrighted. This property is unique to you and deserves to be protected. Working with our firm can help protect rights related to these creations. Allow our team to assist you in safeguarding your intellectual property.

Real Estate & Property Issues
Our firm represents individuals and businesses involved with the construction, development, leasing, and other aspects of real estate. If you have a real estate issue, such as the sale, lease, operation or financing of a property, do not hesitate to contact our firm!

Tax planning for business operations is an integral factor in operating a domestic or international corporation. There are many issues involved with tax planning, such as partnerships, tax-exempt entities, and trusts. If you are dealing with a taxation issue or developing a plan, rely on our firm for help.

Put your finances in order with help from Barth Calderon LLP!

At Barth Calderon LLP, we use our experience and knowledge to assist clients in addressing various legal concerns that they may have. Our firm provides individuals, families and businesses with the representation that they need to ensure that their assets and investments are protected. We understand that planning for the future is important to you, and when you work with Barth Calderon LLP, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. The financial-planning approach that we take to each situation provides our clients with a solid financial platform on which to build. Our dedicated asset protection attorneys stand ready to provide you with the legal counsel that you deserve. If you have questions or concerns regarding your particular situation, do not hesitate to contact Barth Calderon LLP today!

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