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Our clients cite four common causes as the reasons for their loss of wealth: poor tax planning, unchecked spending, bad investments and lawsuits. These are often spoken of by business owners and families who are facing substantial drains on their finances. Our attorneys not only help with planning for a successful financial future but also protect clients against the ramifications of lawsuits, foreclosure, aggressive creditors. Lawsuits can cause serious financial disaster even to people who have diligently planned and organized their finances. At Barth Calderon LLP, our goal is to help each client protect the assets they have worked hard to obtain. You should take the actions necessary to protect your assets by speaking with our lawyers in Orange at once.

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Remember that your wealth is not automatically protected against lawsuit-hungry individuals and companies. Careful planning for financial security may involve the rearrangement of asset ownership to ensure that creditors and others will not be able gain access. Our firm can provide assistance with family asset protection, individual asset protection and business asset protection. In any situation, we can provide you with guidance and counsel regarding the security of your property before death or exiting a business.

No one expects to be sued, but it is a possibility that should be prepared for in order to avoid financial loss. When structuring your company's assets, you should think defensively by protecting your wealth, investments, and business intellectual property. Protection begins prior to being sued through advanced planning. Utilize the planning methods that our firm offers to prepare for the possibility of future lawsuits. Contact Barth Calderon LLP today to become aware of the ways you can protect yourself from potential loss.

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